Mark Peck

Designer who solves problems
on the internet.

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Mark is currently based in Austin, Texas building SumoMe. In between his daily work and playing with his puppy he likes to do side projects for early stage startups and small businesses. Ready and willing to talk about your project or how badly he will beat you in NBA Jam.

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Working with my team over at SumoMe I led the design and development efforts of our latest web experience. Constantly being experimented on via A/B testing to improve conversion

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Gordon Theme

On occasion I make themes and sell them over at Creative Market. This is one of my more popular themes Gordon.

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Working with the Kapost team I led the design and development efforts of their version 2 redesign. It has since been updated and changed by their current team.


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Oh wow, you make a boy feel special. Until I get around to adding more here why don't you check out my latest work on my dribbble account.


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