Mark Peck

Designer of Products

Let's Work Together

Currently based in Boulder building Bonusly. In between daily work and playing with my puppy I like to do side projects for early stage startups and small businesses. Ready and willing to talk about your project or how badly I will beat you in NBA Jam.

Lead Designer of Product, Web Experience and Branding

Working with the team over at Sumo I led the design efforts of our product lineup, latest web experience and brand. Continually being optimized via A/B testing to improve conversion.

Branding & UI/UX

Working with the team over at Holiday API I recently worked on creating them a brand overhaul which included a landing page focused on increasing signup conversions.

Co-Founder, Product Design, Web Experience and Branding

An in-progress product I am launching with a team of talented developers and designers. More to come later this year.

Gordon Theme


On occasion I make themes and sell them over at Creative Market. This is one of my more popular themes Gordon.